​​​​​​To my fellow SEIU-UHW members, 

Welcome to my Campaign For President SEIU-UHW.  There have been many factors that have weighed on my decision to serve as a candidate for president.  I have come to a decision that I can no longer wait while watching my environment deteriorate.  I am running for the office of President to move our Union forward.  For the
sake of representation I am writing this message to you as a call to action.  I ask of you to assist me in my campaign for the Office of President of SEIU-UHW.  I pledge to serve the members.  I am passionate about the efforts we employ in order to improve our workplace and community.  I want to see a member driven union.

The "HealthCare Justice Slate" has failed to represent all of its members.  The HealthCare slate leadership has jeopardized UHWs standing by pursuing a reckless policy of litigation with our employers.  Together we can act on a more constructive relationship with our administrative associates.  I believe that new leadership can improve our daily working conditions without further damaging the integrity and public perception of SEIU-UHW.  I believe a united and member driven SEIU-UHW is the best policy forward.

Currently to remain as an elected officer with the existing UHW administration I would only be contributing to the failed policies of the establishment.  You will no doubt become familiar with “HealthCare Justice” as the robot-calls and masses of glossy flyers begin to clutter our mailboxes spreading a fear campaign around the election (March 15th, 2017).

Avoid the pitfalls of the "Health Care Justice" slate candidates​.  You may unknowingly elect to keep the same leadership.

I am honored and delighted to report that the UNITED MEMBERSHIP SLATE is the only team to be endorsed by a steward council.  The Kaiser Walnut Creek council (NCAL) has endorsed a United Membership platform.  I appreciate the time that you have taken to read this and encourage you to submit your mail-in ballot marked United Membership Slate prior to March 15, 2017. 


XNiko Anagnostopoulos 
Operating Room Equipment Technician
Kaiser Walnut Creek

Candidate for President SEIU-UHW 2017

2017 Campaign For President

SEIU-UHW United Membership Slate

​Kaiser -Walnut Creek

Operating Room Equipment Technician